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Infographic – 30 Things to start doing for yourself


I love this infographic.

What’s great about doing these things for yourself is that each and every one of these helps to build your resilience. Put one or more together and your ability to bounce back in life will increase even more quickly.

Print the infographic out and stick it on your fridge, mirror, or somewhere you can see it every day. Then, choose one or two ideas to practice each day.

Let’s talk about which ones are most helpful for you in the comments below!

(You can click on the infographic to see it full-size.)

30 Things to start doing yourself



  1. Holly says:

    Love this graphic. It sort of reminded me of a food chart and it is in a way. It’s nourishment for the heart.
    Holly recently posted…Feeling Poorly? Time to belly up to your bacteria.My Profile

  2. These are all so important. I think the ones that stood out the most for me were 15 through 20. You will probably not be happy if you do not do those on the regular. Forgiving others and moving on from past hurts is so important for one’s happiness. Thanks for the share. I pinned it.
    Sebastian Aiden Daniels recently posted…Five Ways To Trick Your Brain To Make Yourself More RelaxedMy Profile

    • Bobbi says:

      Glad you liked it, Sebastian! I like your picks. For me, I think #19 and #22 stood out. Helping others gives meaning and purpose to my life while noticing the beauty in everyday moments creates peace.

  3. This is a great list! I think number 23 is on I need to learn the most. I feel like if everything is not perfect than I can’t really enjoy things. I am fully aware of this and am working on changing my thinking, trying to learn to enjoy things even in the darkest times. I have to admit, it is really hard.
    Sheila Bergquist recently posted…A Love Letter to Fellow Anxiety SufferersMy Profile

    • Bobbi says:

      Hi Sheila,

      It IS hard to let things go when they’re not up to our standards, but I’m glad you realize that chasing after perfection naturally leads to disappointment. Keep working on it – you’ll find more peace once you can accept things as they are a bit more!

  4. lynne says:

    I love the info graphics, it is very easy to understand, can easily relate to it. No. 22 to 26 are my best choice. I guess it is so important to take accountability for your own life. Thanks for sharing. Great Post!
    lynne recently posted…Join Our Power Team and Step Into Your Best FutureMy Profile

  5. Sherill says:

    I just loved your infographic and I have just made it my wallpaper! I loved each and every point you made, particularly want to focus on #7 and #9. I want to learn from the mistakes I made so that they won’t be committed again and I shall be thankful for what I have and enjoy them immensely. Thanks for sharing!
    Sherill recently posted…Writing and Finding Articles About Career CoachingMy Profile

  6. I love it!

    I wanted to pick one as a favorite and mention it here, but there are simply too many.

    Brilliant thanks.
    Eddie de Jong recently posted…How to change your life – Understand why people don’tMy Profile

  7. preethi says:

    Nice infographics.Feeling indpired .
    preethi recently posted…A New Year to Welcome With PassionMy Profile

  8. Amy Boardman says:

    I really enjoyed reading the infographics. II am currently taking part in a Smile Project with my school with the aim being to merely make the community smile. Point 19 embodies what we are trying to achieve and I have taken inspiration from this so thank you!

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