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I like this little video. It’s a good reminder about keeping perspective. K7ZZXFW2JR9W

Gaining Perspective

I really believe that part of being resilient is learning to get perspective. To get a different perspective, actually. My client who is struggling with the recent death of her mother feels guilty because she would have spent more time with her mother if she had known when her mother was going to die. Her […]

Resilience: Increasing your personal power, purpose, and perspective

The common understanding of the word resilience is “to bounce back.” We most often use it to describe a person or thing that has undergone stress and been able to come back from it well. While this general definition is true, there is more to resilience than just bouncing back: It’s also possible to move […]

10 things to tell yourself when life smacks you down

Sometimes life is just really nasty and smacks us right down to the ground. It feels awful and can leave us flailing, trying to figure out how to get back up again. Here are ten things to tell yourself that might help you do just that. Be sure to check out the resources that go along […]

Feeling stuck? Here’s something to help you see the forest instead of the trees

You may have had this happen to you. You decide to join the Bounce community – and get a great ebook in the process – so you fill out the little form on the right that asks for your first name and email. Not only do you receive the ebook, Bounce Back! 5 keys to […]

How to be strong: Grow down

I’ve been thinking about this idea for several months. Usually, posts near the end of the year have to do with reflecting back upon the year that was or talk about planning for how the upcoming year will be bold, wonderful, and groundbreaking for you. I hope your year is bold, wonderful, and groundbreaking for […]

7 ways to have more gratitude (and 3 times not to be grateful)

As I write this, we are fast approaching the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States. The season has me thinking about giving thanks and being grateful. It’s pretty well established that gratitude is good for you. Leading gratitude researcher Robert Emmons has found that gratitude leads to stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, more feelings […]

Tunnel vision? 5 ideas to help you see the light

I am the Queen of Tunnel Vision. Case #1: I want to find a branch of my bank near where I’m running errands, so I pull into the parking lot of a small shopping mall and consult my smartphone. It gives me an address that seems very close. I pull out onto the street, make […]

55 ways to bounce back from (just about) anything

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ~ Confucius   By now, you know how life works. We stand up and we fall down again, just like a toddler learning how to walk. There are many ways to pick yourself back up and I’m presenting you with […]

Newtown, Connecticut: Grief, meaning, and the questions before us

We wept today. I broke into tears when I told my partner that new information indicated that many of the children killed today at a school in Newtown, Connecticut were kindergartners. Five years old. Friends on Facebook posted about their shock and grief and prayers sent to the families affected by the horror. President Obama […]

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