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Bouncing back from oblivion: Acting up and speaking out


Oblivious (adj.)

mid-15c., from Latin obliviosus” forgetful, that easily forgets; producing forgetfulness,” from oblivion


Sometimes it takes a hard smack upside the head to get my attention.

My friends, I suspended writing the Bounce blog for a while. Not because I don’t care about you and our discussions about resilience. I’ve been gone because I became oblivious (in the old sense) due to happiness!

I wasn’t unhappy before, but since I last wrote, I met the love of my life, got married, and I’m living happily ever after with her.

Despite my ongoing joy in a loving marriage, my greater world has been shattered by the devastating election of a racist, xenophobic, sexist, lying reality TV star to become the next leader of our beloved country.

So here’s the thing: I am returning to writing about resiliency and how we bounce back in this world. But my posts will be decidedly more about the American political condition than my past helpful but generic writings about resiliency.

I realize that some of you will unsubscribe from Bounce.

And that’s okay.

Ignorance is not bliss—it is oblivion. Philip Wylie

Because I remember again—snapped out of my oblivion—how very important my country is and my fellow Americans are. And I will not stand idle; I will not allow my voice to be silent.

I echo the words my wife wrote in a recent Facebook post after the election: “I will act up, speak out, and accept nothing less than liberty and justice for all.”

As a foundation for Bounce, let me be clear about what I do not accept as a part of liberty and justice for all:

I do not accept: racism

I do not accept: xenophobia

I do not accept: misogyny

changing-the-thingsI do not accept: intolerance

I do not accept: exclusivity

I do not accept: homophobia

I do not accept: violence

I do not accept: any other form of “going low”

In coming posts, we will learn how to be resilient in the midst of a culture that appears to be changing for the worse. We will learn together how to promote inclusiveness, tolerance, forgiveness, non-violent activism, and mutual understanding.

I anticipate that only a small percentage of you will stay with me.

Are you in?




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  1. Ed Herzog says:

    I’m 100% in Bobbi! I’ve often struggled to mix my political beliefs with my business so I look forward to seeing where you do with this.
    Ed Herzog recently posted…39 Amazing and Inspiring Life Purpose QuotesMy Profile

  2. Deborah Sher says:

    I’m in!!!

  3. Sheli Barber says:

    I am in!!

  4. MAUREEN Asten says:

    I am in

  5. Hi Bobbi, missed you around the place. Whilst I am over here in Perth Western Australia and not a citizen I am dismayed by the political happenings over there. I am hoping it is all narcissistic bluff and bluster and that he will settle down influenced by other members of the team, let’s hope so. I’m in too!
    Carole Anne Lyden recently posted…Are you the woman you were meant to be?My Profile

    • Bobbi says:

      Hi Carole, I missed you, too! Thanks for being in!

      Unfortunately, I find the members of Trump’s team much scarier than he is. They are most of the reason I feel the need to act up and speak out!

      Thanks for the Aussie support!

  6. Aunt Arlen says:

    Of course I’m in!

  7. Jeff Hanson says:

    I’m not in. Good luck being a special snowflake that is but hurt from the election results. People are tired of being called racist, sexist and much. It’s a weak augurment, it’s used to shut down conversations, it divides our country, and it doesn’t go both ways. The white voters who voted for Obama that voted for Trump are now racist.

    • Bobbi says:

      Hi Jeff, thanks for chiming in. You might notice that I did not say that everyone who voted for Trump is racist, sexist, etc. I said Trump is those things and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong given his quotes on numerous videos.

      But you bring up an excellent point: I think many people are tired of being lumped in with Trump the man rather than non-Trump voters realizing that most Trump voters are asking for change in our country for the better, not worse. Everyone in my family except for me voted for Trump and I do not know them to be intolerant or hateful people in the least.

      While you have a good point, you also make a mistake with your comment about being a special snowflake. This implies that those of us who oppose Trump are upset because Hillary didn’t win. No, we are upset because of the many things I listed in the post that I just can’t accept. The things that then-candidate Trump espoused freely during his campaign. We are alarmed for our country, not just sore losers.

      Thanks again for your viewpoint! While we may not agree, I will defend your right to speak your opinion to my dying day!

  8. lynne says:

    I came here in part BECAUSE of the effects of this election on my psyche!! So thank you.

  9. Laura says:

    Congratulations Bobbi, Happy to hear that you are enjoying life and are “back” to writing your blogs again! My “nurse friends” and I have missed you, and know that your future posts will be even more exciting to read. And, for those who “unsubscribe from Bounce,”…good riddens! No one wants to read about their “negativity” or nasty comments. (So, don’t worry about that!) We need to be uplifted and encouraged to live and work together and be united as “people–human beings” and fight “diseases–cancer,mental health issues, gun violence, etc. and NOT each other! We are eager to read about your future thoughts and suggestions on how to be resilient in this changing nation of ours. And then, we can “BOUNCE” back to being “united” and not “divided” in this great Country of ours! Take Care Bobbi!

    • Bobbi says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Laura! I’m glad to be back and look forward to working together with you and your friends in unity, too!

  10. Angie says:

    Count me in! Great to have you back Bobbi, and many congratulations 🙂

  11. Emilia says:

    Hello Bobbi,

    Nice to know you’re back into writing. Even though i don’t live in America i can feel you, I am excited to read more of your point of view regarding what is going on in politics.

    • Bobbi says:

      Hi Emilia – nice to hear from you! Even though we’re talking a little more about politics, we’ll continue to focus on resiliency that can be used here or in any country!

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