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Use these (resiliency) tools to tune up your life

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I often write about your “resiliency toolkit” so I want to give you a handy summary of the tools that have been mentioned here on the Bounce blog. The links on each tool will lead you to the past blogs that highlight that tool.

  • Acceptancethe art of being realistic about your world and what is happening in it – good or bad.

There are many subsets to this tool such as acknowledging your emotions, even when they are “bad“, learning non-resistance, and accepting life as it is not as it should be.There are also more thoughts about acceptance here, here, and in this post about bouncing back after financial loss.

  • Social supportgenerating and accepting help and emotional support from others.

This tool is also discussed here, here, and this recent post about how to take it when you can’t take it anymore.

  • Gaining perspectivelearning to look at life and adversity from a variety of different angles.

There’s more about perspective here as well as this little story about choosing to expand.

  • Being in the momentappreciating the here and now helps increase your gratitude and decrease worries about the future.

See how being in the moment helps increase “positivity.”

This is really a subset of acceptance, but it’s such an important little tool, I wanted to set it apart for you.

Here’s a quick list of several more tools:

And finally . . .

Takeaway points: Although there are many more tools to come, it’s good to take stock of what’s in your toolkit occasionally.

What’s in your toolbox that I haven’t mentioned yet?

If you’d like to add therapy to your resiliency toolkit, I’m available for you. Please email me or call me at 650-529-9059.

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