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I'm trying to practice what I preach!

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A great tool in your resiliency toolbox is that of rest – for the body, mind, and soul. With that in mind, I’m leaving tomorrow for a few days in Washington State’s gorgeous San Juan Islands. There won’t be any posts for this week other than this one, but I’ll be back next week to talk more about the “right” way to experience trauma and loss. Here’s a teaser from my next post:

The 27-year-old young woman had called for an appointment because her father died six months ago. Now she sat across from me, squirming slightly on the comfortable suede sofa in my office. I asked her how I could help her. She fidgeted a bit more, looking down at her hands. “What I want to know is . . .” she started off slowly and then rushed into the rest of the question, “Am I grieving right?”

Stay tuned . . .

Have a restful week!

Terrific photo of the San Juans from English Camp on San Juan Island by Araddon.


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