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Cool poem: The Mathematics of Surrender

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A key component of resiliency is acceptance and there are many sub-components of acceptance as well. One of them is the idea of letting go or surrendering. Let me be clear: I’m not talking about giving up. I mean letting go of your clinging need to know what the outcome of any situation will be. Surrendering your controlling nature for one that sees opportunity even in crisis.

My friend and colleague, Martha Clark Scala, wrote a wonderful poem for those of us who still want some kind of structure to our surrender . . .

The Mathematics of Surrender

It’s not about giving up,
not about defeat.
If you insist on an equation,
embrace your limited impact on outcome,
subtract old beliefs that you should be able to fix it,
add willingness to let others meet their fate.
Divide this by two, as in yin and yang,
right and wrong,
good and bad.
Let it multiply until
all things are equal.

© Martha Clark Scala, 2007

Takeaway points: Surrender is not about giving up. It’s about allowing all things to be equal.

What are your thoughts on surrender?

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