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"I Can Do Anything Good!"

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The other day I met my friend, Judi, for lunch. As it was unseasonably warm, I decided to ride my Vespa to the restaurant. After a wonderful lunch, we headed for our vehicles. “Hey!” I called after Judi, “I’m going to get some groceries. You’d be amazed how much stuff I can get on this scooter!”

Judi looked at me with an impish grin. “I know you can do anything good!” she said.

I laughed at our inside joke. We belong to a wonderful group of women known as The Tribe. This group discovered their individual Core Gifts together a few years ago and, since then, we’ve been sharing examples of Gifts we see in the world. A few months ago, one of our Tribesters posted this delightful video on our online forum. “I can do anything good” has become our Tribe motto.

Isn’t it a bummer that we lose this exuberance in our own capabilities as we get older? We let the dust of life experience build up and hide the luster of our Gifts. Wouldn’t it be great to just stand in front of a mirror – or maybe in front of a vast audience – clap our hands and, with unrestrained confidence say, “I can do anything good!”?

Why not?

Hey, if I can stuff the storage containers on a Vespa full of an amazing amount of groceries, maybe I can do anything good. It’s got to start somewhere.

Thanks for the reminder, Judi.


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