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An Inspiring Run of Resiliency

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Teamwork, trust, faith, overcoming handicaps, facing challenges head-on. These are but a few of the hallmarks of resiliency you will see in this short video. I’m interested to hear your thoughts, too, so please comment below.

First, a little background about the video. If you’re not familiar with dog agility competitions, the idea is that the dog must run an obstacle course guided by his handler. It involves a lot of practice and incredible communication between dog and handler. Sometimes even just the dip of a shoulder will cue the dog which way he is supposed to go. Experienced teams don’t always make it through a run cleanly.

Watch as a blind man and his dog complete the course. Make sure you see the wonderful celebration at the end. Gives me goosebumps each time I watch.


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Bobbi Emel is a therapist who helps people in Los Altos, Palo Alto, Mountain View and the greater Bay Area manage their stress and develop their strengths.
She is effective in helping people dealing with anxiety, worry and grief; and also those who want to improve their effectiveness and performance.