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Resilience: Increasing your personal power, purpose, and perspective


The common understanding of the word resilience is “to bounce back.” We most often use it to describe a person or thing that has undergone stress and been able to come back from it well. While this general definition is true, there is more to resilience than just bouncing back: It’s also possible to move forward when life throws you challenges and roadblocks. Not only can you overcome setbacks, you can experience the power of positive transformation even in difficult times. This new iteration of my newsletter and blog, Bounce, is dedicated to helping you transform into your best self by increasing your personal power, purpose, and perspective.

Here’s what we’ll explore together in upcoming issues:

– What Happened to Grief and Caregiving? The Healing Power of Resilience

– The Triad of Transformation: Gifts, Wounds, and Trouble

– Your Core Gift As Superpower

– There Is A Crack In Everything: The Light In Your Wound

– “Come To The Dark Side, Luke”: Choice and the Nature of Trouble

– Change Your Mindset to Improve Your Resilience

– Ancient Initiation Processes in Everyday Life

– Your Heroic Journey: Increasing Resilience By Heeding The Call

And more! I’m excited to explore this new path of resilience with you! How about you? Are you ready to bounce ahead?



  1. HeyAnnis says:

    It's going to be wonderfully insightful, Bobbi. Thank you!

  2. Jim says:

    All Right, Bobbi! I like your alliteration! I pray and purport that your personal wisdom will positively empower many people!

    Seriously, I look forward to your new format and the content therein! Great marketing, by the way!
    Love, Pat

  3. Bobbi Emel says:

    Thanks, Pat, for the alliterative support! Thanks to you as well, Annis!

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Bobbi Emel is a therapist who helps people in Los Altos, Palo Alto, Mountain View and the greater Bay Area manage their stress and develop their strengths.
She is effective in helping people dealing with anxiety, worry and grief; and also those who want to improve their effectiveness and performance.